The Role of the Internet and Organization in Business

Computers and Organization in Business

In business, especially a business with a web presence, the world is watching.  The collective denizens of the internet are made up of other business professionals, customers and future customers and they are checking every little aspect of how you and your business conduct themselves.  Suffice it to say, even your choice of cloud computing provider will be under scrutiny so when it comes to your website, you have to have it developed and maintained by a professional staff.  Even one error on your website can turn a new client away from your business so it is important to have everything managed in a way where there is a strict design structure, that your website is categorized correctly and that there is a means of quality assurance in place.

Furthermore, if your company has gone beyond reaching its customers via the PC and Mac and are now targeting smartphones and iPads with applications then quality assurance becomes doubly important as from 2004 to current, app usage with the average US consumer has quintupled.  Beyond the smartphone and beyond the tablet PC will now be the smart TV.  If you have moved your advertising budget to be predominantly internet related, then you most likely already have at least 17% of that budget going towards the future of TV apps and apps appearing in TV listings on consoles.

The Role of Television and the Internet in your Advertising Budget

This redesign of the internet as it continues to reach further into the home of your customers will continually open your business to direct scrutiny.  As customers now have a public and direct line to your business through comments and reviews on your very own website.  This is why your web presence is incredibly important to your business as it is now an appendage to how you conduct your b2b and direct customer interactions.

Furthermore, television advertising is on the decline, while the hybrid of television and the internet are on an upward trend.  This was detailed in a recent interview with founders of the internet enterprise justin tv where they discuss the increase in advertising sales from local and national businesses through use of the internet.  These ads should also be managed by either an in-house professional marketing representative or by a third party marketing company.  As this is a relatively new field, there will be advertising companies interested in only dollar signs and not necessarily the status of your company.  This is one reason to keep your web presence on the internet controlled in-house.