Helpful Businessman Resources

In the world of small business and cold call sales, a good toolbox of helpful businessman resources is a vital necessity to the health and promotion of your marketing and sales efforts and website design.

Many small businesses now rely on the internet for helpful software and utilities, but a good resource is still the library, educated employees and online guides. Did you know that there are still volumes of books that do not have an electronically formatted copy in existence? Bad for the publisher, of course, but there are volumes of information that do not exist on the web and that means that your competitors may not have access to that information. They may not have even thought to look anywhere else but the internet. These helpful businessman resources that are offline also include networking. Facebook and Google Plus are not the only way to keep in touch with your client base. In fact, a good ole’ Rolodex can still have a lot of value in the world of business. Face to face contact with your clients and your personal network of business contacts is far more valuable than social marketing tools. The best resources for your business will be those contacts, those real people and if you want to add them to your business Facebook, by all means do so, but keep in face to face contact as much as possible. There’s just something cold and impersonal about Facebook and Social media on the web, and customers like yours probably have the exact same sentiment. By keeping in touch with your clients over the phone or for a business lunch, you stay ahead of your competitors that no longer find this to be a good business practice. You, however, will find that the increased contact for B2B and B2C will keep you more in the minds of that client or business than the hundreds of other businesses trying to make connections solely over the internet.

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